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Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika

Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika

Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika

Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika
Entrance to Bhitarkanika National Park at Dangmal

Bhitarkanika is famous for being the second largest Mangrove forest in India after Sundarbans. Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forests consists of Bhitarkanika National Park, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and Gahirmatha Sanctuary.

The nature is amazing at Bhitarkanika and is quite rich in wildlife and vegetation. So much so that the locals refer to Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha as “The Amazon of India”.

If you love nature, like photography, and have a liking to spend a few days in the wilderness to recoup from the bustling city life, then Bhitarkanika is the perfect place for you. This is famous for its native population of big-sized salt water crocodiles. It is also home to a wide variety of birds – ibis, storks, darters, grey-heron, cranes, parakeets, and many more. There are some eight varieties of kingfisher birds which have made Bhitarkanika its home.

One of the unique attractions about Bhitarkanika is that it is the nesting ground for Olive Ridley Turtles. These turtles lay thousands of eggs on the beach stretch called Gahirmatha. The mass nesting of Olive Ridley sea turtles is an annual phenomenon called ‘arribada‘.

Here is the best plan for a 4 day tour to Bhitarkanika:

Day 1: Arrive in Bhitarkanika

Best Plan for a 4-Day Tour to Bhitarkanika
Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika
Cottages at Estuarine Village Resort Bhitarkanika

Meals : Lunch, Evening Hi-Tea & Dinner
Activity : Sunset Boat Tour

Check into Estuarine Village Resort Bhitarkanika (check-in starts from 12PM) on arrival in Bhitarkanika. This is the best hotel in Bhitarkanika – a perfect place to stay. It is spread in over 4 acres of land with a lot of greenery, ponds and well laid out paths.

Enjoy your delicious lunch after freshening up. After some relaxing time at the resort, proceed for the Sunset Tour on River Brahmani in open motor boat. You will take the open boat from Nalitapatia River Jetty, which is around 700-800 meters from the resort.

Major attractions of this tour:

  • Sighting of saltwater Crocodiles (Best Time: October to April).
  • Sighting of Migratory Birds (Best time: August to mid-November).
  • Sunset on River Brahmani.
  • Visit the confluence of River Brahmani & Baitarani.

Evening Hi-Tea at the Dining Hall. Bonfire can be arranged in the evening on request (except on windy conditions and if it is raining)

Buffet Dinner will be served at the Dining Hall.

Overnight at Estuarine Village Resort Bhitarkanika.

Day 2: Visit Bhitarkanika National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Plan for a 4-Day Tour to Bhitarkanika
Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika
Boats in the creek at Khola Forest Gate

Wake up to a charming morning. Enjoy a nice breakfast and afterwards leave for Khola Forest Check point, which is around 4km from the Resort. Start a tour of Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forest – Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhitarkanika National Park – from Khola Fores tGate after completing all formalities. Keep the forest entry tickets safe with you for later use in the day.

Enjoy the sighting of massive size crocodiles basking in the sun on the banks of the river. Keep an eye on the different varieties of birds flying in different parts of the forest. Keep a special eyes on the different types of kingfisher birds. Also look for Brahmani Kites, parakeets, cranes of various types, grey herons, darters, cormorants and many more.

You may come across herds of spotted deer, wild boars, monitor lizards, jungle fowls and other wildlife.

It takes around 4-5 hours for safari boats from Khola to the Bhitarkanika Mangove creeks and back. Return to the resort and enjoy your delicious lunch. Take some rest, and in the afternoon go on to visit Dangamal Forest gate. You can enter with the morning entrance tickets.

Visit Nature Interpretation Centre and Museum. It has some interesting information for visitors. Have a look at the Crocodile Hatchery. Enjoy the sighting of an albino crocodile which has been kept in captivity for a long time now. You can do some small treks up to the river jetty.

Feel free to buy some souvenirs in the shop run by the Forest department.

Afterwards, drive back to Estuarine Village Resort Bhitarkanika.

Enjoy your evening Hi-Tea. Enjoy your time at the bonfire place (except on windy conditions and if it is raining). Have delicious dinner.

Overnight at Estuarine Village Resort Bhitarkanika.

Day 3:Pentha Sea Beach & Bhitarkanika National Park 

Best Plan for a 4-Day Tour to Bhitarkanika
Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika
Pentha Sea Beach

Wake up a bit early today and after a light breakfast and tea, go for a visit to Pentha Sea Beach. Pentha Sea Beach is around an hour drive from the resort. This is simply one of the best beaches you will come across. But it is is hardly known to tourists – even tourists from Odisha. Have a wonderful time at the beach. Beach is also safe for swimming provided you remain careful and are not intoxicated.

After a nice time at the beach, return to the resort. Wash and change, and enjoy a delicious lunch. Post lunch, leave for an experience of an afternoon safari to Bhitarkanika National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Experience the native wildlife – crocodiles, spotted deer, monitor lizards, monkeys, and a large varieties of birds. Towards evening sighting of different types of kingfishers is more than other times of the day.

Enjoy hi-tea on return. This is a nice time for sharing photos and gossiping. Spend time enjoying at the bonfire.

Enjoy a delicious dinner. Overnight at Estuarine Village Resort.

Day 4: Kalibhanjadiha, Dhamra and Udabali

Best Plan for a 4-Day Tour to Bhitarkanika
Best Plan for a 4-day tour to Bhitarkanika
Dhamarai Temple, Dhamara

Wake up in the morning. After having breakfast, leave for Khola Forest Gate. Taking forest entry tickets, leave for Kalibhanjadiha. This is a patch of Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary which has been opened to the tourists recently.

After spending some time at Kalibhanjadiha, leave for Udabali – a small island situated precisely opposite Dhamra Port. Udabali is an uninhabited and undeveloped island. No proper jetty has been built here. However, people can get down using help from boatmen. People visit this island for its unexplored beauty. You can spot a number of red crabs on the island.

Leave for Dhamra after spending time at Udabali. Get down at the river jetty in Dhamra. Take a walk in the nearby market. If interested, visit Dhamarai Temple, a goddess temple.

Dhamra is the sea mouth of River Brahmani. From Dhamara River jetty you can oversee the confluence of River Brahmani and Bay of Bengal.

Return back to Resort. Enjoy Evening Hi-Tea and Bonfire afterwards. Have a lovely dinner and retire to your room for a well deserved sleep.

Overnight at Estuarine Village Resort.

Day 5: Check Out:

Best Plan for a 4-Day Tour to Bhitarkanika

Get up in the morning, enjoy your tea, pack your bags, and have a nice breakfast. Check out from the resort and leave with a lot of good memories of Bhitarkanika.


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